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Lords of Bute Town

Lords of Bute Town

by Reid Allen

Published by Project Upcoming ©‎ 2017


Dedicated to Cardiff Skateboard Club and the memory of City Surf, 'Lords of Bute Town' by Reid Allen is 36 paged, saddle stitched zine documenting the skateboarders of Cardiff and the culture that surrounds them.  


Available to purchase via our shop. Also available in-store at Cardiff Skateboard Club.


TRIP Magazine: Lords of Bute Town

"A new zine by Project Upcoming sees photographer, Reid Allen document skate culture in Cardiff."

HERO Magazine: The skate photographer capturing Cardiff's lively youth culture. 

"In spite of local skate shops closing, government funded anti-skating architecture, and the increasingly prohibitive costs of going to see bands, Reid has spent the last two years documenting the local skate and underground music scenes that are thriving in the Welsh capital. Now, he’s put these photos together in a new zine, The Lords of Bute Town, out now through independent publisher Project Upcoming.

Shot on 35mm film, Reid’s photos offer a glimpse into a lively and defiant youth culture, from hard-won shots of tricks being landed to the joyful carnage of DIY gigs at his friends’ houses, and everything in between." 

Evocation Collective: Reid Allen

"I ended up with all these photographs essentially documenting the Cardiff skateboarding scene, and my friend Sadie at Project Upcoming convinced me to do a zine! I’m really happy with how it came out."