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CHRONO in Print

CHRONO is the new print version of the Chrono Collective magazine, established with the aim to showcase the best young and unexposed talent within photography. Chrono Collective began its journey in May 2017 when Max Searl and Bertie Oakes, both student photographers studying at Falmouth University, felt the need to share the incredible array of work being made by their peers and fellow students. The first issue of the magazine was released online the very same month, based on the apt theme of 'Youth'.

The collective has grown rapidly, now showcasing emerging photographers not just from Falmouth but from across the globe. It has become a highly respected platform for new talent, offering photographers the opportunity to share fresh work to an ever-expanding loyal following, whether through the online magazine, on Instagram, and NOW IN PRINT! 

Alex Fleming

Alex Ingram

Alexander Mourant

Arabelle Zhuang

Ashley Bourne

Axel Drury

Benjamin Cooper

Cian Oba-Smith

Dan Lansley

Danielle Madeley 

Dante Sisofo

Daragh Soden

Deividas Buivydas


Issue One is available for online download here and Issue Two here





Index created by editors, Max Searl: @maxsearl, and Bertie Oakes: @bertieoakestakespictures

All photographers are currently in study, have recently graduated or are in the early years of their photographic career.



Jack Dalby

  • Fashion, Portraiture
  • @jackjoseph

Jack Fleming

Jack Green

Jack Minto

James Greenhalgh

  • Portraiture, Fine Art Photography
  • @james.greenhouse
  • Notable Projects: Tungsten

Jessica Ashley-Stokes

Joe Pettet-Smith

Jordan Pettit

Joshua Onabowu

Joshua Osborne

Julian Manjahi

  • Street, Portraiture
  • @nairo_boy

Kendal Fewster

Kyle Grainger

Lewis Inman

Louis Bamford

Lucy Ranson

Luke Richards

Maisie Marshall

Maya Wanelik

Peter Flude

Rhianne Clarke

Tom Westbury

Project Upcoming