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Here For The Ride by Andre D. Wagner


Andre D. Wagner takes us through the beauty of publishing your first body of work  

"Here For The Ride, my first monograph and body of work in book form. I can't even describe this feeling. What I can say though is, the book is my medium. As a photographer that has something to say, and much to express, the book format allows me the opportunity to take everything into consideration. From the size, editing, sequence, and all of the details in between, I'm able to cultivate my voice. One of the best aspects of the book is that you get to return to it over and over again, letting time unpack all of the hidden poetics. For me, photography is all about dealing with the surface, I photograph because I can never get my words right. But it also deals with what's below the surface, so the book helps in unpacking the possibilities of meaning and metaphor through the edit and sequence. I say all of that to say, this is where my real work begins, this is Andre Wagner's voice. This work was made between 2013 and 2016, starting as an approach to kill the mundaneness of communing back and forth to work in the New York subway. This feels good, and as an artist I'm really just getting started." 

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Xoxo Sadie Bailey  

Editor in Chief