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Interview: Mutualblank

Skateboarder and content designer Peter Lally, better known by his Instagram alias @mutualblank, is from Newcastle, but now lives in the capital. When he’s not at work, Peter spends his time skating around South London, documenting the local scene he is a part of, with the esse and I Should Not Be Here crews. He organised a three-video premiere at a local bar in Peckham following esse’s summer trip to Berlin, ISNBH’s trip to Copenhagen, and his Berlin based "BROLIN" edit.

Watch BROLIN below. 

We sat down with Peter for a chat about BROLIN, his tri-premiere idea, and Queens Road Peckham, his favourite skate spot.

Steven Bell: First of all, mate, what does BROLIN mean?

Peter Lally: BROLIN is just a mash up of bro, and Berlin, to be totally honest.


SB: That makes perfect sense. Where did the idea for it come from?

PL: Basically, in early August, myself and most of the esse gang took a trip to see friends out to Berlin. The only thing planned was to skate as much as possible. I received a work phone from my job which had a good camera on it. I was just set on documenting all aspects of the trip and putting together in some shape or form.

SB: You filmed the whole video with a phone?

PL: The whole video was filmed on a Samsung S6 and edited on Premiere Pro. I shot a load of photos also that feature at the end of the video too.


(Some of Peter’s BROLIN photographs can be seen throughout the article)


SB: Watching the video, there’s a real nice vibe. By the end, I almost feel like I’m your mate too. 

PL: Yeah the vibe is heavy on skating, summer and spending time with the boys, if I had to summarise the themes. I wanted it to appeal to a wider audience, hence the mix of skate and “lifestyle” footage. As a result, I think I’ve ended up with a strong memento to the trip, with a few friends reflecting on the positive vibe of it throughout.


SB: OK, tell me a bit about the premiere.

PL: The premiere happened Thursday 14th September in Peckham. We had an amazing turnout, everything ran smoothly and everyone attending seemed pretty stoked. I've had a lot of positive feedback regarding the edit I made, so I'm pretty happy with how it turned out especially considering it's the first one I have ever done. It inspires me to do it again, and arranging events like a premiere is always a good way to bring the community together, which I'm all about.

SB: Where did you get the idea of all three videos being premiered on one night?

PL: I came up with the idea for a premiere for my video then asked Josh and Adam (ISNBH) if they both wanted to showcase their videos that evening. Josh was on the trip to Berlin with me and we both feature in each other’s videos, so we all set about finishing editing. I contacted and organised the event to be at The Peckham Pelican, a bar just on the border of Camberwell. They've hosted videos there before so they were more than down. I then designed a poster and we started a Facebook event and then just spread the word from there.


SB: That’s so cool man, I’m stoked you and your mates can do that kind of thing. Another thing I wanted to talk to you about was Queens Road Peckham.

PL: Queens Road Peckham. They redeveloped the space outside the station a few years ago and now it consists of 4 planters with curbs and some concrete blocks, as well as being really smooth. Been hanging out there a lot as it's that "plaza" vibe spot. You can just hang out there, chat shit, drink coffee. I dunno, it's a good one to be there.

SB: And you run an Instagram based around the spot, right?

PL: I started an Instagram account for it two years ago and started posting but was lacking motivation. Then about 6 months ago, I began posting on it again, followed some people, and it’s been getting a bit of a following. Inspired by Josh, of esse London, I got some stickers made, and just last week did my first run of T-shirts as well.


SB: Where is the Instagram page headed?

PL: Not really sure where it's going, just enjoy skating there and updating the Instagram. I think the satisfaction is just in knowing that the friends who aren't there, can see what's been going on, and get hyped to come out skating. All for the community.

 SB: Okay man, this has been fun. I've got one last question for you. What's next for Peter Lally?

PL:  Keep on skating. I want to organise and be part of a photo show next, so I need to figure that out. The Queens Road space is also under threat of some more construction works which will be detrimental to myself and those others that use it. I think we will be active in preserving it as it is so will just act accordingly as it unfolds. The Instagram account will be the place to follow the updates as the story develops.


 You can follow Peter on Instagram @mutualblank, and follow @queensroadtf to keep up to date with Queens Road.

Follow esse @esse_ldn and I Should Not Be Here @isnbh.

Watch the ISNBH København video here. 


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