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Kentmere 400 vs 800

I was recently gifted a bulk loader accompanied by a 100ft roll of Kentmere 400 thanks to the Emulsive Film secret santa. Like most other film photographers- I've mainly stuck to leading brands such as Ilford and Kodak. I'm currently in the midst of shooting for a new project, and without sounding overly entitled, I didn't want to shoot anything "important" on a new film stock without trying it out first. I loaded up two cameras, listed below, and went to both Zuma Beach and Fairfax / Melrose.  

This is essentially a side to side comparison of Kentmere 400 at both iso 400 & (pushed +1 ) to 800. The 400 speed was shot on a Contax 139Q / ML 50 1.9 and 800 was shot on a Nikon FE2 / Nikkor 50 1.8. Both mainly at f16 and dev'd in HC-110 dilution B. All shots are straight scans from an Epson V550. 


Kentmere 400 / Contax 139 / ML 50 1.9 - Zuma Beach. December 2017

Kentmere 400 @ 800 / Nikon FE2 / Nikkor 50 1.8 - Fairfax / Melrose. December 2017

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