Print is not Dead. Don't be Fooled.


Post-Summer-Hiatus Relaunch (A Note from our Editor)


After months of gallivanting in California, I thought it was time for me to embark on yet another international jet-setting mission and found myself back in the heart of London. It's colder, grayer and I can't seem to find the beach... but I'll manage. I always do. 

If you're unaware of what we do, Project Upcoming Publishing is a small press / independent publisher that proudly represents and supports a selection of zines. I started Project Upcoming back in November 2015 as a group zine that showcased individual and unique creatives. I went to release two self-published issues which gained a variety of international support. Since then- I expanded Project Upcoming into what you see today. 

Our summer hiatus saw the curation of 4 new zines- the first being "For Lack of a Better World" by Reid Allen. Reid published his first zine, Lords of Bute Town, with us back in January this year. Needless to say- it was a bestseller. This second body of work portrays a wider photographic dynamic and aims to document the world through the mind of the artist. 


The second zine we're releasing is Steve Bell's debut publication. 'Portugang', solely photographed during a week in Portugal, explores the concept of reckless behavior and no boundaries resulting in excessive consumption, unadulterated rowdiness and lot's of nudity. All of our favorite things. 


Thirdly, we have '72 hours in Paris' by Sam Cashmore. Unlike most time-crunched projects, this artwork embodies serenity. With a sea of rich green and calming beige, Sam truly captures the beauty of the Parisian summertime. Sam released a zine entitled "Sidewalk Closed" a few months back, but unfortunately (due to our summer hiatus and my constant need to surf everyday) we weren't able to release it officially and then, of course, it sold out. You can find an online version of 'Sidewalk Closed' on Sam's personal website


Lastly, we bring to you 'We Only Hate the World Monday - Friday' by yours truly. It's my first published body of work since my zine 'The Lone Wolves and The Wild Ones' back in November of last year, and it's a project I spent over 8 months shooting for. 'WOHTWM2F' is an ode to the beautiful, fucked up lifestyle London has dragged myself, and many others, into. 


All zines will be available to purchase via our webstore on Sept 22nd so make sure to follow us on all aspects of the interweb to stay tuned for what's next. 

Print is not dead. Don't be fooled. 

(Online is pretty cool too tho)

Lots of love and shit like that...

Xoxo Sadie Bailey