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Rave Skateboards FW17

Stop buying overpriced tshirts from hyped up brands that just capitalise on celebrity image and start supporting your local, independent companies that are working their asses off just to catch a break.  

From the heart of Bordeaux comes Rave Skateboards. After working with them on a Perdu exhibition last December, I can't help but support all of their shit. Never have I met such a motivated & dedicated group of guys actively perusing what they do best. (Not to mention they all came down to London back in March for our show 'Ripper'. ) If you haven't seen the masterpiece triptych then drop what you're doing and watch it here

If youre unaware of the entity that is Rave Skateboards- then you might not know that they just released around 80% of their FW17 line and honestly- Ilove it. I'm not one for fashion; my wardrobe consists of a variety of different skateshop tshirts, some old Black Sabbath shit and the oversized Canters Deli tshirt I'm currently wearing (and oddly get complimented on quite frequently), however I now fear for my wallet because holy shit! The dudes at Rave are absolutely killing it. 


This seasons line include an iconic Rémy Barreyat image (featured in 'Deep Down' published by yours truly a few months back), and a hoodie stating "I don't give a fuck about your war or your president". In true Rave fashion- you've got a handful of different coloured, different styled bags to choose from. I'm loving the Piet Mondrian colourway personally.

Scroll through our catalogue carousel below.


 Enjoy the first drop of their FW17 line, and stay tuned for more to come.

Xoxo Sadie Bailey 

Editor in Chief