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Project Upcoming Zine Part 1 & 2

Project Upcoming Zine

Part 1 & 2

by Sadie Bailey

Published by Project Upcoming ©‎ 2016


Project Upcoming started in November 2015, by Sadie Bailey (with the help of Josh Nice) as an independent zine showcasing individual and unique creatives. Project Upcoming has since released two self-published issues and gained a variety of international support.

Part 1 released in May 2016, and has since sold out. Part 2 released in September 2016 and is available to purchase via our shop (low stock). 

Project Upcoming Zine is also available to purchase At Bene Culture, Birmingham- both in store and online.


Helena Star

Tracy Mathewson

Hetty Douglas

Clem Creevy

Chloe Sheppard

Caitlin Mccarthy

Sam Richardson

Elliot Jones

Milo Black

Harriet Walker

Tyler Reed

Loic Devaux

Cam Cam Camo

Ema Provic

Ben Forshaw-Murphy

Louis Bever


Murky Clothing


Yanos Co




Watson Kendall

Athenis Clothing Co

Joshua Parrott

James Miller

Joe Little

Alcatraz Beach Club

Bort Spenson

Sam Richardson

Sam Cashmore

Harry Wyld

Bene Culture

Leon Karssen

Megan Barrett 

with special thanks to Perdu, Electra Reihel and Clem Creevy for making our travels memories to cherish.


Sister Magazine/School of Doodle: Sister Meets Project Upcoming

"Project Upcoming is different. It leaves all the
uninteresting aspects of today's youth and aims to discover the uniqueness and diversity that we knew existed in the world. "

BeautyMART: Zine Scene

"The debate about the death of print publishing continues: newspapers close, editorial teams on magazines are decimated and circulations continue to decline. Yet, contrarily, there are more and more independent magazines on the newsstands and the 'zine scene is positively flourishing. Could it be that indie publishing may be the white knight of the magazine world?"

Kitsch Inc: For The Love of Zines

"Sadie Bailey is one of those youngsters who have found their creative outlet in zines, a physical, tangible, collectable format rather than the fast moving, click baiting content that is more commonplace, thanks to the popularity of blogging and Buzzfeed style simple, light hearted content."

The Odyssey: Project Upcoming - A London Project

"An amazing project that leaves the uninteresting aspects of today’s youth and aims to discover the uniqueness that these two young adults knew had to exist in the world."