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The Juice #05


For their fifth issue of their bi-annual magazine, Juicy Records aimed to be part of the ongoing dialogue about mental health in the fanzine community, or at the very least give a platform for people to talk about their experience, to express themselves within their pages.

Continuing in the more graphic design and photography-oriented zine you could see taking shape from recent issues, they invited us ( the team over @ Project Upcoming Publishing) to curate ten pages for the new issue, transposing that selection to the launch event, where we will showcase the work of 10 UK talented up and coming artists:

Harry Chilcott

James Taylor

James Moreton

Jess Aleo

Lucy Black

Max Brogan

Sam Calcraft

Steve Bell

Fabricio Reyna

Joana Rita

The Juice #05 launches at Doomed Gallery, Dalston on September 21st 2017 with a collaborative art show featuring those named above.

Full content:

18 Months Living with a Racist Neem Time and Singing Fish Diet A Death Grips Love Letter Artist Profile: Jaimus Tailor My Journey with Mental Health Skrunda, The Forgotten City Adam DeGross: Documenting Icons Special Feature: Project Upcoming Presents Défi Collective: Wheels of Defiance 3 Months Feeling India The Playlist

Magazine specs:

A4, 90 pages, with laminated coloured cover and black & white interior. This issue is completely in English language. First press: 100 copies.

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